Rookie Season

This graphic highlights our founder's 23rd birthday. He wanted to play in the NBA. However, those dreams were cut short. So, instead of getting drafted to the league, he was drafted into the real world. Fresh out of college, he's calling this first year his Rookie Season. The puzzle piece logo showcases that Johnson is the missing piece the world needs. Yet, he knows it's all about the right fit. Check out the full post on Instagram.

Game Day

This graphic was designed for P.K. Yonge's football team ahead of their game against the West Nassau Warriors. We associated the warriors with a tribe and then made a play on the Water Tribe from the show "Avatar: The Last Airbender." P.K. Yonge's mascot is the Blue Wave. The game title "Wave Check" signals that P.K. Yonge will get to asses where they are as the second half of their season starts.


If college was a movie, this is how it would look. Our founder is often seen behind the camera, taking pictures, or shooting a video. He used his graduation to see what it would feel like to be the star. This simple but effective movie poster informs the viewer when Johnson graduates, what he graduates with, and where he is graduating from. Go Gators!