Slept On Eastside

A Trey Johnson Documentary

“Slept on Eastside” follows the journey of Eastside High School alumni Harold “Gator” Hoskins as he returns to his alma mater to revitalize the football team. The Rams had a record of 5-25 over the last three seasons, but the former football standout took on the challenge to change the culture and reunite his community. The program that was once slept on is starting to make some noise. 

Here’s an inside look at the success and heartbreak of Hoskins’ first year as head coach.

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More Than Just A Shooter

Greg Maxwell

Williston point guard Greg Maxwell is determined to prove his doubters wrong.

“They think everything is going to be given to me because of my last name,” he said.

Greg is the nephew of two-time NBA champion Vernon Maxwell. Yet, he wants people to know that he’s worked hard for everything he’s got.

Greg uses what other people say as motivation during workouts as he strives to earn a college scholarship.

“When I sign, I want people to know I did all that,” he said.

Quiet Kids actually have a lot to say. However, their not always given the platform to do so. We provide that platform.

— Trey Johnson